About us

About us

The Interdepartmental Training Centre (TESIMED) is a structural unit of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University.


Implementation of current methods of training as well as development of practical skills of students, interns and cadets by means of various techniques of pathological conditions and diseases simulation using training simulators, training software and standardized patients.

Standardization of methods of communication with patients, techniques for their physical examination as well as other diagnostic and treatment procedures and further expertise management in clinical practice.

Collaboration with the structural units of the University in order to improve the processes of diagnostics and therapy.

A variety of pre-hospital and hospital emergency medical care training for students and medical workers take place in Ukraine and abroad.


The TESIMED was established in 2016 to implement world-class techniques to guarantee quality of contemporary medical training and practice.

The primary goal of the University Centre for Medical Simulation is to enhance safety of treatment process as well as patient’s safety, which is achieved by implementation of current simulation-based training and medical practices that allow developing skills in a well-structured simulated situation without any risk to a patient that is crucial. Repeated training allows reducing the number of errors by a medical worker that finally leads to improvement of health care quality in the whole.